Research & Analysis by Evan S. Schechter

Industry, Occupation, and Disability Insurance Beneficiary Work Return
from Social Security Bulletin, Vol. 62, No. 1 (released June 1999)
by Evan S. Schechter

This article uses the New Beneficiary Data System to describe the first job held after award of Disability Insurance benefits, in terms of occupation and industry. It examines work activity within sectors of employment, and looks at the issues of whether work return in certain industries and occupations varies according to the demographic characteristics of the beneficiaries. The article also presents data on sector-specific employer accommodations that can aid in sustained work return.

Postentitlement work was fairly evenly distributed across occupational and industrial sectors. Persons with higher levels of educational attainment were found to be in white-collar employment sectors. There were noticeable differences in the availability of employer accommodations across postentitlement occupations and industries.

Work While Receiving Disability Insurance Benefits: Additional Findings From the New Beneficiary Followup Survey
from Social Security Bulletin, Vol. 60, No. 1 (released January 1997)
by Evan S. Schechter

This article uses the New Beneficiary Followup Survey to describe the characteristics of beneficiaries who work after award of benefits and examines some aspects of the process by which work attempts come about. It also addresses questions of why beneficiaries work, how postentitlement jobs differ from those held prior to award of benefits, and the relationship between health status and work.

Most of the beneficiaries who worked did so for reasons of financial need and worked without attributing this decision to an improvement in their health. Those most likely to work were young and had higher levels of schooling. The likelihood of working was the same across the range of disabling health conditions. Many different approaches led to job offers, and most beneficiaries who worked did not return to their previous employer. The first postentitlement job had less exertion, fewer hours, and lower pay than did the job held immediately prior to award.

Commitment to Work and the Self-Perception of Disability
from Social Security Bulletin, Vol. 44, No. 6 (released June 1981)
by Evan S. Schechter

Employment and Work Adjustments of the Disabled: 1972 Survey of Disabled and Nondisabled Adults
from Social Security Bulletin, Vol. 40, No. 7 (released July 1977)
by Evan S. Schechter