Research & Analysis by Cheryl I. Williams

The Development of a New Geographic Coding System for the Continuous Work History Sample
from Social Security Bulletin, Vol. 57, No. 4 (released October 1994)
by Linda M. Dill, Barry V. Bye, and Cheryl I. Williams

This article describes the statistical development of the geographic coding system used to identify worker location for the Continuous Work History Sample. The new system—which is planned for implementation for data year 1993—will provide more accurate geographic distributions of workers within a residence concept than the old system could provide within an employer location concept. The article also presents the results of a pilot study that tested the operational aspects of the new system. The results provide some preliminary estimates of the effect of the revised codes on the geographic distribution of workers.

The Decline in Establishment Reporting: Impact on CWHS Industrial and Geographic Data
from Social Security Bulletin, Vol. 54, No. 1 (released January 1991)
by Linda M. Dill, Adah D. Enis, and Cheryl I. Williams